Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

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Mobicol „F“ - The versatile Lab Column! MagSi-NGS<sup>PREP</sup> Fluorescent Probes Brochure AquaRNA ELISA-VIDITEST for Bisphenol A <i>Trans</i>IT-X2 Dynamic Delivery System Clean Antibodies

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Introductory offer: Ready-To-Use Vectors for Live Cell Imaging of Nuclear Proteins       Price: 824 €       Now Only 412 € !       more...
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Invent's Minute™ Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation Kit (#SM-005) and Minute™ Bacterial Total Protein Extraction Kit (#SB-004)  (Only available in Europe)
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MBL's Anti-Skin Profile ELISA Kit (CE) – for screening of autoimmune blistering diseases more...                                 (Only available in Gemany)
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AquaRNA™ Purification Kit – The Multifuctional Solution for DNA, RNA, and Protein Extraction from Biological Samples more...
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Molecular Diagnostics for Personalized Cancer Treatment AmoyDx Nov-19-2014 Together with AmoyDx, MoBiTec provides a new range of cancer related real-time PCR kits!       more...
Ready-To-Use Vectors for Live Cell Imaging of Nuclear Proteins MoBiTec Nov-14-2014 Fusion protein expression vectors for Histone, Chaperone, Inner Kinetochore, and Mitotic Checkpoint investigation are now available! more...
New E-mail-Newsletter released! MoBiTec Nov-05-2014 For always getting latest MoBiTec News, please subscribe to our E-mail-Newsletter!

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