Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Last Update: Feb-03-2016


Mobicol „F“ - The versatile Lab Column! MagSi-NGS<sup>PREP</sup> Purification of His-tagged Proteins PCR Mini Cycler Chilling/Heating Dry Baths <i>Trans</i>IT-X2 Dynamic Delivery System CHOgro<sup>®</sup> Expression System

Special Offers

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Mirus – The Transfection Experts
Up to three different transfection products and one electroporation product per laboratory can be requested.    more...         (Only available in selected countries.)
Free Samples         
PrimeSurface – Low Cell Adhesion Cell Culture Plates
Your best choice for spheroid formation of ES / iPS cells!    more...
(Only available in selected countries.)
Free Samples while stock lasts
ELISA Kit for Diagnosis of Autoimmune Blistering Diseases
Detects 5 anti-skin antibodies in a single assay!    more...
(Only available in Germany.)
Free Sample while stock lasts


Zika Virus Real-Time RT-PCR Kit MoBiTec Feb-03-2016 A precise, fast, and reliable diagnostic test for the detection of Zika virus in serum or plasma; compatible with several cycler systems available on the market.   more...
Newsletter XXI Released MoBiTec Feb-03-2016 PCR Mini Cycler, Protein Extraction, Nucleic Acid Purification, Mini Dry Baths and more...   PDF
Food Grade Protein Expression Systems MoBiTec Jan-08-2016 New plasmids and strains available for rapid and easy selection of recombinant proteins.
Constitutive and inducible systems on hand.

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