Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Last Update: July-22-2015


Mobicol „F“ - The versatile Lab Column! MagSi-NGS<sup>PREP</sup> Fluorescent Probes Brochure AquaRNA Protein A-HiLyte™ Fluor Conjugates <i>Trans</i>IT-X2 Dynamic Delivery System Clean Antibodies

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Invent's Minute™ Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation Kit (#SM-005) and Minute™ Bacterial Total Protein Extraction Kit (#SB-004)  (Only available in Europe)
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AquaRNA™ Purification Kit – The Multifunctional Solution for DNA, RNA, and Protein Extraction from Biological Samples    more...
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Protein A-HiLyte™ Fluor Conjugates – Excellent Alternatives to Dye-Labeled Secondary Antibodies for IHC, Western Blots, etc.    more...
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Save 15 % September 30, 2015
MoBiTec Ni-IDA Columns – First choice for higher yields of His-tag proteins    more... Free Sample August 31, 2015
Mirus – The Transfection Experts
Up to three different transfection products and one electroporation product per laboratory can be requested.    more...         (Only available in selected countries.)
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Card-Based Nucleic Acid Extraction MoBiTec Juli-15-2015 The card system demonstrates equal sensitivity just like traditional organic solvents-based methods, yet is very easy, quick, and environment-friendly.  more...
The Portable Mini Lab MoBiTec July-08-2015 All devices from sample prep to gene amplification/detection have portable features for field applications with 12 V DC power or batteries. more...

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