Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Last Update: Mar-18-2019


Mobicol „F“ - The versatile Lab Column! Transcreener HTS Assays Next Generation Fluorescent Dyes Lyophilized Exosome Standards CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing: Transfection Methods Lipid Strips and Arrays Lentivirus Production Fluorescent Biosensors for Live Cell Imaging VectorBuilder – A Free and Versatile Online Tool for Outsourcing Your Cloning Projects PrimeSurface<sup>®</sup> 3D Culture Spheroid Plates

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Mobicols and Plastic Columns
Huge range of columns for DNA & protein purification    more
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Imaging Tools
Imaging chambers and slide tray plates    more
Imaging plates CG and FC    more
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Electroporation Cuvettes
Cuvettes are compatible with most electroporation systems.    more
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Mirus – The Transfection Experts
Up to three different transfection products can be requested.    more...
(Only available in selected countries.)
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Assess Cell Viability, Cell Proliferation & Cytotoxicity
AquaBluer – Fluorescent redox indicator for cell viability assays   more...
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A Guide to Measuring Drug-Target Residence Times MoBiTec Feb-15-2019 During drug development initiatives, analysis of drug-target residence times can lead to improved efficacy. Therefore, residence times are increasingly being used to prioritize molecules early in lead discovery. This guide provides technical background on concepts and techniques for using Transcreener biochemical assays to measure drug-target residence times in a high throughput format.   PDF
Introducing Ingenio EZporator MoBiTec Jan-18-2019 A cost-effective Electroporation System for high-efficiency transfection of mammalian & insect cells. Deliver any nucleic acid to hard-to-transfect, stem, and primary cells!   more...
MagnaMedics Becomes magtivio MoBiTec Jan-08-2019 MoBiTec's longtime partner for Magnetic Beads MagnaMedics has been restructured and now operates under the name magtivio. This means that all the high quality products & services you are familiar with will continue to be available under the business name magtivio.  more...


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