Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


MagSi-DNA Saliva Kit

Fast and Cost-Effective Extraction of Genomic DNA from Saliva

MagSi-DNA Saliva Kit

MagSi-DNA Saliva Kit

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Magnetic Bead Technology


  • Sample collection is noninvasive, risk free, and painless
  • Fast and easy processing using magnetic beads
  • Suitable for automated liquid handlers
  • Compatible with fresh saliva samples as well as sample collection and
    preservation kits


  • Saliva is rapidly becoming an attractive alternative source of DNA for genetic testing. Unlike blood or tissues, saliva can be collected noninvasively by individuals with little training and without the need for expensive equipment. Saliva preserved in collection kits is stable for years at room temperature, facilitating easy transportation and storage.


  • The MagSi-DNA saliva kit is a magnetic bead-based kit for extraction of DNA from human saliva or buccal swabs. The kit includes magnetic beads, buffers, and Proteinase K, and is easy to automate for high-throughput processing. DNA is suitable for use in downstream applications such as PCR, genetic typing, SNP, and mutation analysis as well as forensic analysis.


  • More affordable than blood testing
  • Protocol easily adjustable for different sample volumes
  • Yields high quality genomic DNA
  • Excellent purity, A260/280 = 1.7 - 2.0


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MD60002 MagSi-gDNA saliva kit 96 preps 210,00 PDF
MD61002 MagSi-gDNA saliva kit 10 x 96 preps 1575,00 PDF
MD62002 MagSi-gDNA saliva kit 10 x 960 preps (bulk) 11665,00 PDF
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