Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology



A Simple and Quick Way to Consistent Next Generation Sequencing Results

Automated NGS Procedure
Size Fractionation with MagSi-NGSPREP

Gel electrophoresis of DNA ladder at different reagent:sample volume ratios.
The size of fragments eluted from the beads (or that bind in the first place) is determined by the end concentration of MagSi-NGSPREP, and this in turn is determined by the mix of DNA and beads.
A 50 µl DNA sample plus 75 µl of beads will give a MagSi-NGSPREP:DNA ratio of 1.5. As this ratio is changed, the length of fragments binding and/or left in solution also changes. Hence, the lower the ratio of MagSi-NGSPREP:DNA the larger the final fragments will be at elution.
Smaller fragments are retained in the buffer so you can get different size ranges from a single sample with multiple purifications. Part of the reason for this effect is that DNA fragment size affects the total charge per molecule with larger DNAs having larger charges; this promotes their electrostatic interaction with the beads and displaces smaller DNA fragments.


  • High quality results
    1. High recovery of DNA fragments, more than 70%
    2. Excellent removal of enzymes, primers, oligonucleotides, polymerase, and other contaminants
    3. Fragment size selection adjustable between 100 and 1000 base pairs
    4. Guarantees consistent sequencing results
  • Simplify your routine
    1. One product for all clean-up and size selection steps in the library preparation workflow
    2. Simple bind – wash – elute procedure
    3. Protocol easily adjustable for clean-up or size selection using specific reagent-to-sample ratios
    4. Manual and automated use
    5. Meets the requirements of common library preparation kits
  • Easy to automate
    1. Fast and robust protocol resulting in a high-throughput on automated systems
    2. Optimized separation performance using validated magnetic separators for 96 and 384 wells PCR plates
    3. Compatible with many different automated liquid handling systems (e.g., PerkinElmer®, Agilent Technologies®, Beckman Coulter®)


  • MagSi-NGSPREP is designed for an optimized purification of next generation library preparation through efficient clean up of the successive enzymatic reactions (i.e. end repair, dA-tailing, adaptor ligation). MagSi-NGSPREP is used for clean-up of library targeting sequencers such as Life Technologies’ ABI SOLiD, Ion Torrent; Illumina’s HiSeq 2000, MiSeq, GAIIx; and Roche’s 454.
  • Magnetic bead based MagSi-NGSPREP offers an efficient solution for clean-up and size selection in library preparation of NGS sequencing reactions. The simple and flexible protocol can be adjusted to your specific application and NGS platform. MagSi-NGSPREP can be used manually but is also easy to automate for high-throughput processing. In conclusion: a simple and quick way to consistent NGS results.


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  • MagSi-NGSPREP meets the requirements to be used in many state of the art NGS sample preparation kit (PDF)
  • MagSi-NGSPREP Product Leaflet (PDF)
  • Magnetic Beads Brochure (PDF)