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Minute™ Chloroplast Isolation Kit

Minute Chloroplast Isolation Kit

MinuteTM Chloroplast Isolation Kit (order# CP-011)

Chloroplasts from Spinach and from Peace Lily

Light microscope images of chloroplasts isolated from fresh leaves of Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea) and Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum Cochlearispathum). Magnification: 400 X


  • Invent Biotechnologies' Minute™ chloroplast isolation kit is composed of optimized chloroplast isolation buffers and filter cartridges with 2.0 ml collection tubes. The kit is designed to rapidly extract intact chloroplasts from fresh plant tissues (leaves, seeds and soft stems etc.). Due to the use of filter cartridges with pre-defined pore size and thickness, intact chloroplasts can be isolated from fresh plant tissues quickly. Unlike many other methods that require 1-10+ gram tissues for chloroplast isolation, this kit can quickly obtain 1 X 106 to 1 X 107 intact chloroplasts (>90% intact) from 5-200 mg fresh plant leaves in less than 5 min.


  • Minute™ chloroplast isolation kit is designed to rapidly isolate intact chloroplasts from small samples (5-200 mg) of fresh plant tissues for applications such as biochemical analysis, SDS-PAGE, immunoblottings, enzyme assays etc. Isolated chloroplasts are ideal starting materials for purification of RNA and DNA for molecular biology studies.

Kit Components:

Description Amount Part #
Buffer A (with 5g dissociation beads) 25 ml CP-011-A
Buffer B 25 ml CP-011-B
Protein extraction filter cartridges 50 P-001
Collection tubes with cap 50 P-002
Plastic rods 4 P-003


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