Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


M-Beads Magnetic Beads STA Evaluation Kit

Determine the Most Effective Magnetic Bead Size for Your Experiment!

Schematic view of M-Bead magnetic silica bead STA


  • Well controlled and high biotin binding
  • Absence of autofluorescence
  • Short reaction and separation times
  • Silica based matrix
  • Paramagnetic beads


  • M-Beads STA are magnetic silica particles with high quality streptavidin covalently attached to the bead surface. Applications include immunoassays and capture or purification of biotinylated molecules. This kit includes 1 ml each of the 8 different M-Beads STA products (different mean size, streptavidin coating chemistry, and binding capacity), and is intended for evaluation purposes during trial phase of developing new assays or bead replacement in existing assays.
  • Test the best solution for your assay. 3 different sizes, 2 different types (Tosyl or COOH based) and specific binding capacities. Please note that we can customize these beads to your specific needs.


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
PR-MAG00054 M-Beads STA Evaluation Kit (600 nm, 1 µm, 3.0 µm) 8 x 1 ml 205,00 PDF

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  • Magnetic Beads Brochure (PDF)