Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Multiple Cloning Site Vector pMCS5

The Multiple Cloning Site Contains 59 Unique Restriction Sites

 Vector map of pMCS5

Vector map of pMCS5


  • Standard cloning into a site upstream of a T7 RNA polymerase promoter
  • End-cloning
  • Labeling
  • Linearization of recombinant clones
  • Blue/white selection
  • Generation of single-strand DNA (using the f1 origin)


  • The cloning vector pMCS5 contains the ultimate multiple cloning site (MCS) with 59 unique restriction sites. Included are the recognition sites for many commonly used restriction enzymes, providing a suitable cloning site for almost any application.
  • The scientist can choose between 46 unique hexamer sites, 2 heptamer sites and the recognition sites for all ten known octanucleotide-specific endonucleases. In addition, the well-defined 18-mer sequence of the extremely rarely cutting enzyme I-SceI is located at one terminus of the MCS, enabling the linearization of recombinant clones. I-SceI does not recognize a palindrome and can thus be used for labeling and end-cloning. Further it can be utilized for strand protection in unidirectional deletion experiments. Included in the MCS are also restriction sites which occur very infrequently in human DNA such as MluI, NruI and SplI.

Restriction Enzyme Recognition Sites in the 259 bp MCS Cassette

Recognition Sequences Enzymes Properties
Heptamer sequences BaeI,RSrII

Octamer sequences AscI, FseI, NotI, SrfI
PacI, SwaI
PmeI, SgrAI, Sse8387I, SfiI
only GC pairs
only AT pairs

Hexamer sequences MluI, NruI, SplI, ClaI
AccI, AccI, AgeI, ApaI, AvrII, BamHI, BbeI, BglII, Bsp120I, BspI, BspMI, BssHII, BstBI, Ecl136II, EcoRI, EcoRV, EheI, HindIII, HpaI, KasI, KpnI, MunI,
NarI, NcoI, NdeI, NheI, NsiI, Nsp7524V, PmlI, PpuI,
PstI, SacI, SacII, SalI, SmaI, SnaBI, SpeI, SphI, XbaI,
XhoI, XmaI, XmaIII

very infrequent in human DNA
since the plasmid was produced in the dam+
strain DH5alpha ,the ClaI
site is methylated and
cannot be cleaved

18-mer sequence I-SceI
highly unlikely in any DNA


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