Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Vectors for Expression of Human Inner Kinetochore Fusion Proteins

Expression of EGFP Fusion Proteins for the Investigation of the Kinetochore Functions

Vector map of pG-20-hCenpC

Vector map of pG-20-hCenpC

Snapshot of a simulation of the inner kinetochore model based on RMSD and paired RMSD distance metrics.


  • Ready-to-use vectors for live cell imaging
  • Large selection of genes
  • Sequence-documented vectors
  • Applications include localization, binding, and protein-protein interaction studies
  • Experimentally approved


  • At each centromere, a multi-protein complex binds named the kinetochore. The inner kinetochore directly binds to the centromeric chromatin during the whole cell cycle. During mitosis, further proteins of the outer kinetochore bind to the inner kinetochore and establish the stable link between the centromeric chromatin and the microtubuli. This mechanical connection is regulated by proteins of the mitotic checkpoint. MoBiTec offers a large number of expression vectors coding for human kinetochore proteins in fusion with EGFP. Most of the fusion proteins can be expressed either with N- or C-terminal EGFP-tag. The cipher in the vector name indicates the linker length of the fusion proteins (e.g., for vector pG-20-hCenpC the linker length is 20 amino acids).


  • The kinetochore EGFP fusion proteins can be used in modern fluorescence microscopy techniques to determine
    1. localization,
    2. binding,
    3. dynamics, and, when a second color is available,
    4. protein-protein interactions and
    5. protein-protein proximities
  • applying fluorescence methods like FRET, FRAP, FCS, RICS, FCCS, and F3H.

Please note:

  • For FRET analysis we suggest fusion proteins with short linker.
  • The fusion protein EGFP-CENP-H (expressed from vector pG-14-hCenpH) does not localise to the kinetochore. However, it can be used for single protein studies.


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVA0001 pG-20-hCenpA 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVA0002 phCenpA-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVA0003 phCenpA-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVB0021 pG-13-hCenpB 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVB0022 phCenpB-4-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVC0041 pG-20-hCenpC 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVC0042 phCenpC-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVC0043 phCenpC-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVH0061 pG-14-hCenpH 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVH0062 pG-62-hCenpH 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVI0081 pG-20-hCenpI 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVI0082 phCenpI-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVI0083 phCenpI-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVK0101 pG-20-hCenpK 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVK0102 pG-62-hCenpK 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVK0103 phCenpK-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVK0104 phCenpK-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVL0121 pG-20-hCenpL 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVL0122 pG-62-hCenpL 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVL0123 phCenpL-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVM0141 pG-22-hCenpM 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVM0142 pG-48-hCenpM 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVM0143 phCenpM-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVM0144 phCenpM-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVN0161 pG-20-hCenpN 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVN0162 pG-62-hCenpN 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVN0163 phCenpN-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVN0164 phCenpN-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVO0181 pG-20-hCenpO 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVO0182 pG-62-hCenpO 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVO0183 phCenpO-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVO0184 phCenpO-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVP0201 pG-20-hCenpP 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVP0202 pG-62-hCenpP 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVP0203 phCenpP-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVP0204 phCenpP-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVQ0221 pG-22-hCenpQ 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVQ0222 pG-64-hCenpQ 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVQ0223 phCenpQ-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVQ0224 phCenpQ-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVR0241 pG-22-hCenpR 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVR0242 pG-64-hCenpR 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVR0243 phCenpR-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVR0244 phCenpR-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVS0261 pG-20-hCenpS 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVS0262 pG-62-hCenpS 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVS0263 phCenpS-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVS0264 phCenpS-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVT0281 pG-20-hCenpT 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVT0282 pG-62-hCenpT 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVT0283 phCenpT-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVT0284 phCenpT-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVU0301 pG-24-hCenpU 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVU0302 pG-66-hCenpU 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVU0303 phCenpU-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVU0304 phCenpU-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVW0321 pG-20-hCenpW 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVW0322 pG-62-hCenpW 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVW0323 phCenpW-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVW0324 phCenpW-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-KIVX0341 pG-20-hCenpX 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVX0342 pG-62-hCenpX 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVX0343 phCenpX-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-KIVX0344 phCenpX-58-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF
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