Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Vectors for Expression of Human Mitotic Checkpoint Fusion Proteins

Expression of EGFP Fusion Proteins for the Investigation of the Mitotic Checkpoint

Vector map of pG-20-hCdc20

Vector map of pG-20-hCdc20

Three dimensional kinetochore model

Three dimensional kinetochore model by Döring (2012)


  • Ready-to-use vectors for live cell imaging
  • Large selection of genes
  • Sequence-documented vectors
  • Applications include localization, binding, and protein-protein interaction studies
  • Experimentally approved


  • At each centromere, a multi-protein complex binds named the kinetochore. The inner kinetochore directly binds to the centromeric chromatin during the whole cell cycle. During mitosis, further proteins of the outer kinetochore bind to the inner kinetochore and establish the stable link between the centromeric chromatin and the microtubuli. This mechanical connection is regulated by proteins of the mitotic checkpoint. MoBiTec offers a large number of human mitotic checkpoint proteins in fusion with EGFP. Most of the fusion proteins can be expressed either with N- or C-terminal EGFP-tag. The cipher in the vector name indicates the linker length of the fusion proteins (e.g., for vector pG-20-hCdc20 the linker length is 20 amino acids).


  • The mitotic checkpoint EGFP fusion proteins can be used in modern fluorescence microscopy techniques to determine
    1. localization,
    2. binding,
    3. dynamics, and, when a second color is available,
    4. protein-protein interactions and
    5. protein-protein proximities
  • applying fluorescence methods like FRET, FRAP, FCS, RICS, FCCS, and F3H.

Please note:

  • For FRET analysis we suggest fusion proteins with short linker.


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VS-MCV00001 pG-20-hCdc20 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-MCV00021 pG-20-hBub1 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-MCV00041 pG-20-hBub3 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-MCV00042 phBub3-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-MCV00061 pG-20-hBubR1 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-MCV00081 pG-20-hMad1 15 ug 453,00 PDF
VS-MCV00082 phMad1-15-G 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-MCV00101 pG-20-hMad2 15 ug 453,00 PDF


Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
VS-MCV00121 pG-20-hMps1 15 ug 453,00 PDF
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