Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology



Anti-pIII (g3p) Antibody


  • Antibody to phage M13 coat protein III (g3p)
  • Clone: 10C3
  • Monoclonal mouse IgG


  • The anti-pIII (g3p) antibody is a useful analytical tool for phage display systems using the protein III (g3-protein) of M13 for display of recombinant proteins such as antibodies, protein- or peptide-libraries and more. (See also our pSKAN Phagemid Display System).

The Epitope:

  • The antigenic epitope of the anti-pIII (g3p) antibody resides within amino acids 292 to 302 of the mature protein III and is therefore compatible with most of the phagemid vectors using different N-terminal deletions of the protein III.

  • Amino acid sequence of the epitope: - A T D Y G A A I D G F -


    The antibody can be used in Western blots in order to analyze:

    1. Correct reading-frame fusions of pIII-fusion proteins
    2. Expression levels of pIII-fusion proteins in E. coli and on the tip of the phage
    3. Ratios of displayed pIII-proteins and pIII-fusion proteins on the phage-capsid
    4. M13-infected E. coli strains

  • The epitope is also recognized under non-denaturing conditions. Therefore, the antibody can be used for:

    1. ELISA detection of pIII-fusion proteins
    2. Purification of pIII-fusion proteins by affinity chromatography
    3. Efficient and rapid analysis of antigen binding characteristics of recombinant antibodies selected by phage display (microplate assay)


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