Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


TransIT®-Jurkat Transfection Reagent

Superior Transfection Efficiency in Jurkat Cells

Jurkat, Clone E6-1 cells

Jurkat, Clone E6-1 cells transfected with TransIT®-Jurkat Transfection Kit and pEGFP (Clontech) in complete media for 48 hours (green). Cells were fixed and then counter-stained with To-Pro-3 (Molecular Probes) to show cell nuclei (blue).


  • Optimized to achieve 10-25% transfection efficiency in Jurkat cells.
  • Transfect cells in the presence of serum and eliminate media changes to achieve
  • Higher transfection efficiency and save time
  • Supplied with an optimized protocol and ready-to-use single vial reagent to complex
  • Directly with plasmid DNA
  • Quality control tested on a standard ATCC Jurkat cell line to ensure consistent results


  • The TransIT®-Jurkat Transfection Reagent is specifically optimized to provide superior transfection efficiency in Jurkat cells. Jurkat cells (human T-lymphocyte; acute T-cell leukemia) have been inherently difficult to transfect, yet have remained a prevalent cell line in the immunological research field. The specificity of the TransIT®-Jurkat Transfection Reagent makes this product a desirable alternative to broad spectrum transfection reagents. The reagent provides many attributes of the trusted TransIT® Reagent line: high efficiency, simplicity of use, and reproducibility. Transfections with the TransIT® Reagents do not require media changes and can be carried out in serum-containing media. These significant features establish the TransIT®-Jurkat Transfection Reagent as the product of choice for transfecting Jurkat cells.


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MIR2124 TransIT®-Jurkat Transfection Reagent 0.4 ml 250,00 PDF
MIR2120 TransIT®-Jurkat Transfection Reagent 1 ml 388,00 PDF
MIR2125 TransIT®-Jurkat Transfection Reagent 5 x 1 ml 1687,00 PDF
MIR2126 TransIT®-Jurkat Transfection Reagent 10 x 1 ml 3117,00 PDF
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