Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit

High Efficiency RNA Delivery to Mammalian Cells


  • Low toxicity reagent proven to work effectively in a wide range of cell types
  • Achieve higher transfection efficiencies and save time by transfecting in the presence of serum and eliminating media changes
  • The reagents are supplied ready-to-use with an optimized protocol


  • The TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit is optimized for efficient delivery of various types of RNA to mammalian cells. Both mRNA and viral RNA of various lengths can be delivered effectively to a wide range of cell types. In addition, transfection of mRNA leads to high level protein expression with minimal cytotoxicity.
  • As an added benefit, this kit has been optimized for use in the presence of serum containing media thus eliminating media changes or serum addition. MIR2250 provides sufficient reagents to perform up to 500 transfections per well of a 12-well plate.

Cell lines successfully transfected:

  • A549, CHO-K1, COS-7, HEK 293, HeLa, HepG2, NIH 3T3, and Vero cell lines.


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
MIR2225 TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit 0.4 ml 369,00 PDF
MIR2250 TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit 1 ml 659,00 PDF
MIR2255 TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit 5 x 1 ml 2890,00 PDF
MIR2256 TransIT®-mRNA Transfection Kit 10 x 1 ml 5347,00 PDF
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  • * Sample Policy:
    MoBiTec together with Mirus considers sample requests for up to three different transfection products and one electroporation product per laboratory. Please include all samples to be tested in a single request.