Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


TransIT®-Keratinocyte Transfection Reagent

Exceptional Transfection Efficiency of Plasmid DNA in Keratinocyte Cell Types


  • Maximize transfection performance
  • Maintain cell density and reduce experimental bias
  • Achieve 20-30% transfection efficiency
  • Optimal transfection of hard-to-transfect primary keratinocytes


  • TransIT®-Keratinocyte Transfection Reagent is specifically optimized to provide exceptional transfection efficiency of plasmid DNA in keratinocyte cell types such as NIKS (Near-Diploid Immortalized Keratinocytes) and primary keratinocytes.
  • TransIT®-Keratinocyte Reagent provides all the attributes of the trusted TransIT series of transfection reagents: high transfection efficiency, low toxicity, serum compatibility, simplicity of use and reproducibility. Transfection with TransIT®-Keratinocyte Reagent does not require medium changes and can be carried out in serum-containing medium. TransIT®-Keratinocyte is suitable for both transient and stable transfection.


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
MIR2804 TransIT®-Keratinocyte Transfection Reagent 0.4 ml 239,00 PDF
MIR2800 TransIT®-Keratinocyte Transfection Reagent 1 ml 377,00 PDF
MIR2805 TransIT®-Keratinocyte Transfection Reagent 5 x 1 ml 1583,00 PDF
MIR2806 TransIT®-Keratinocyte Transfection Reagent 10 x 1 ml 2927,00 PDF
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    MoBiTec together with Mirus considers sample requests for up to three different transfection products and one electroporation product per laboratory. Please include all samples to be tested in a single request.