Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Natural Nuclease

Natural Bovine RNase A


  • Natural, bovine RNase A is a 13,7 kDa Protein from bovine pancreas EC
  • RNase A hydrolyzes ribonucleic acid forming 3´-terminal pyrimidine nucleoside phosphate with intermediary formation of pyrimidine nucleoside-2´ 3´-cyclophosphate. RNase A is a chromatographically homogenous preparation from bovine pancreas and is supplied as white salt free powder.


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RIBA25 RNase A, 90 U/mg (Kunitz) 25 mg 29,00 PDF
RIBA10 RNase A, 90 U/mg (Kunitz) 100 mg 84,00 PDF
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