Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Nucleic Acid Purification


Highest yields and purest total DNA in just 1 hour


  • It's different

    Isolation and purification is based on selective extraction in aqueous solution instead of binding to solid support.
  • It's simple

    Cells are lysed, genomic DNA is extracted, and cell debris is precipitated in a single step using one aqueous solution, before purified genomic DNA is precipitated with isopropanol.
  • It's easy

    No columns, no resins, no slurries, no beads, no filters, no membranes, no needles, no cartridges, no manifolds, no HPLC.
  • It's scalable

    One single AquaGenomic™ solution does all: mini, midi, maxi and 96-well preps.
  • It's flexible

    Genomic DNA can be isolated from cultured cells, buccal swabs, microbes, blood, saliva, stool or various animal or plant tissues using the same AquaGenomic™ Solution.
  • It's fast

    Less than 20 minutes from cells or tissues to pure genomic DNA.
  • It delivers pure DNA

    Excellent purity - suitable for all common applications.
  • It delivers high yield

    Excellent quantities of 5-10 µg DNA from 1-2 mio. cells, 200 µl of whole blood, 15 mg of feces, 1 ml bacterial culture, 5-10 mg of animal tissue, or 10-20 mg of plant tissue.
  • Its economic

    AquaGenomic™ Solution is priced about 1/4 compared with other genomic DNA isolation kits!


  • AquaGenomic™ is a novel, nontoxic and multifunctional aqueous solution for the isolation and purification of genomic DNA. The patent pending technology allows the completion of cell suspension, cell lysis, DNA extraction and debris removal using a single aqueous solution!
AquaGenomic solution

Genomic DNA isolated from different mouse tissues using AquaGenomic solution

Standard 1% agarose gel showing 1/10 of total yield resulting from isolation of genomic DNA from different mouse tissues (100 µl of whole blood, 10 mg of each tissue sample) using AquaGenomic™ Solution.

Facts and figures of AquaGenomic™ in comparison with DNA purification kits from a leading competitor.

Comparison Main competitor's kits AquaGenomic™Solution
Isolation Mechanism Selective Binding Selective Extraction
Isolation Format Solid Support Aqueous Solution
Proteases included Yes No
Chaotropic salt included Yes No
Multiple Kits Yes Animal, plant, blood, swab kits, etc. No One solution fits all materials
Scalable No mini, midi, maxi, multi-well Yes One solution fits all sizes
Number of Solutions in the kit 6 - 7 1
Isolation Time (min)  30 (mini), 60 (midi), 90 (maxi),
240 (96-well), 240 (tissue)
20 all sizes, all materials
Yield (µg DNA) 5-10 (mini), 50-100 (midi),
500-1000 (maxi)
5-10 (mini), 50-100 (midi),
500-1000 (maxi)
Purity (A260 / A280) 1.7 - 1.9 1.6 - 1.8

Recommended Applications

  • Cultured cells
  • Whole blood
  • Buccal swabs
  • Saliva
  • Animal Tissue (liver, lung, kidney, heart, brain, spleen, muscle, tail, etc.)
  • Stool
  • Plant tissue
  • Microbials
  • Soil
  • Multi-well format


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
2010MT AquaGenomic Kit, 3 ml for 30 minipreps Kit 41,00 PDF
2030MT AquaGenomic Kit, 30 ml for 300 minipreps Kit 244,00 PDF
3015MT AquaPrecipi solution 15 ml 60,00 PDF
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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  • AquaGenomic MSDS (PDF)
  • AquaPrecipi Solution MSDS (PDF)