Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Nucleic Acid Purification


Comparison of total RNA isolated from different sources by AquaRNA

Comparison of total RNA isolated from different sources by AquaRNA. Bacterial culture (0.5 ml), human cultured cells (500,000 cells), and rat liver tissue (20 mg) were processed using the AquaRNA Kit. Final DNA/RNA pellet was suspended in 100 µl DEPC water. Five microliter of each prep treated with or without DNase I was run in a non-denaturing 0.5% native agarose gel, showing the DNA, 28S (23S), 18S (16S), and 5S RNA bands.


  • Concept-Changing

    AquaRNA™ will change the way you think and work with RNA by simply inactivating and removing endogenous contaminating RNases in your purified RNA samples:
  • "RNA is very unstable, labile, and must be stored at -80 °C."
    This is a misconception. If endogenous contaminating RNases are removed, RNA samples can be stored at 4 °C or even room temperatures for months without degradation.
    "We buy and use only RNase-free consumables."
    This is a waste of money. If RNA is not contaminated with endogenous RNases, your chance of getting RNA degradation by using regular reagents, solutions, tubes, and tips is very slim.
    "RNA work must be done at designated RNA-only workbench and use RNA-only equipment."
    This is again a waste of resources. Just don't let your fingers, with or without gloves, touch the inside of your RNA tube and its lid, you will be fine.
    "I am always anxious until I see the results of my RNA experiments."
    If the RNA is not contaminated with residual RNases, you will find that RNA is no longer difficult to work with and you will get consistent and reproducible results.
  • RNase Decontamination

    AquaRNA™ can be used to treat purified RNA that is contaminated with RNases. It can also be used to treat plasmid DNA or in vitro transcribed RNA to remove any contaminating RNases to ensure successful in vitro transcription and translation reactions.
  • Not only for RNA

    AquaRNA™ can extract DNA, RNA, and proteins from the same biological samples. If you are comparing two genomic profiles, such as normal vs. tumor tissues, why not compare their RNA expression profiles, and further, their protein expression profiles as well? In addition to maximizing the value of your invaluable samples, you might uncover new correlations and new differences.
  • Simple

    Due to the multifunctionality of the AquaRNA™ solution, its protocol is very simple. After cell lysis, DNA/RNA are precipitated with isopropanol leaving proteins in the supernatant.
  • Easy

    No columns, no resins, no slurries, no beads, no filters, no membranes, no needles, no cartridges, no manifolds, no HPLC, no ultracentrifuge.
  • No Nasty Organic Solvents

    AquaRNA™ extracts DNA/RNA/proteins much like the famous Trizol® (Invitrogen), but is much simpler and requires no phenol and no chloroform. Yes, it contains guanidine thiocyanate.
  • Scalable

    One single AquaRNA™ Kit does all: mini, midi, maxi, and HTP; no need to purchase separate mini, midi, maxi, and HTP kits. High yield up to 100 µg of DNA, 50 µg of RNA, and 2000 µg of proteins can be isolated from 5 million mammalian cells or 50 mg animal tissue.
  • Economic

    AquaRNA™ kit is economically priced. Each miniprep uses 100 µl AquaRNA to extract DNA/RNA/proteins from 1 million cells.


  • AquaRNA™ is a multifunctional aqueous solution for DNA, RNA, and protein extraction. It functions to lyse the cells, inactivate RNases, and extract DNA, RNA, and proteins. DNA and RNA are readily recovered from the lysate by isopropanol precipitation, while proteins remain in the supernatant and can be recovered by acetone precipitation. It allows you to isolate DNA, RNA, and proteins for analyses from the same cells, tissue, or organism. Additionally, AquaRNA™ can be used to inactivate and remove contaminating RNases in purified RNA samples to ensure RNA integrity and stability.

Facts and figures of AquaRNA™ in comparison with RNA purification kits from a leading competitor.

Comparison Main Competitor's Kits AquaRNA™ Kit
Isolation Mechanism Selective Binding Selective Extraction
Isolation Format Solid Support Aqueous Solution
Mercaptoethanol Yes No
Scalable No Yes
Number of Solutions in the Kit 4 1
Hands-On Time (min) 30 30
Yield (µg RNA / 106 Cells) 10-20 10-20
RNase Contamination ? No
Recover Small RNAsRecover Small RNAs No Yes
Co-Purify DNA/Proteins Trace Yes


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5001MT AquaRNA Trial Kit, 1ml for 10 minipreps Kit 17,00 PDF
5030MT AquaRNA Kit, 30 ml for 300 minipreps Kit 244,00 PDF
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