Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology



MobiFairy and your Protein will be Stable


  • MobiFairy protects biomolecules such as enzymes and antibodies for example from physical stress like freeze-shock and freeze-thawing. MobiFairy is an effective cryoprotectant which is inert, non-toxic and biologically stable. It can be dialyzed easily. MobiFairy effectively preserves protein function by preventing degradation and irreversible aggregation of many proteins and peptides.
  • For protein stabilization, MobiFairy has to be diluted 1:5. Enzyme solutions can be stored in a freezer for a longer period of time without significantly loosing activity. Moreover, MobiFairy might also be useful for lyophilizing certain proteins.


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MOBI05 MoBiFairy 2 mL 20,00 PDF
MOBI06 MoBiFairy 5 x 2 mL 91,00 PDF
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