Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Fluorometric Assays

AquaBluer – Redox Indicator for Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays



  • Flexible – AquaBluer is a colorimetric and fluorescent redox indicator. Cell viability and cytotoxicity assays may be performed with a fluorescence plate reader or absorbance plate reader.
  • Simple – Assay is performed in culture medium. Just add AquaBluer to the culture, incubate, and read. No PBS, no SDS, and no DMSO.
  • Nontoxic, sensitive, reproducible, and with a broad assay range – Not a terminal assay. AquaBluer-treated cells may still be used in other analyses.
  • Inexpensive – Costs 3x less than Alamar Blue assay and 26x less than MTT assay.


  • AquaBluer is a proprietary redox indicator for cell viability and cytotoxicity assays. Viable cells turn AquaBluer from its oxidized form (nonfluorescent, blue) to the reduced form (fluorescent, red). The fluorescence intensity of AquaBluer at 540ex/590em is proportional to the number of viable cells in the sample. It can be used to assess cell viability, cell proliferation, and cytotoxicity. It is nontoxic, simple to use, sensitive, reproducible, and has a broad assay range. Most importantly, it reduces your assay cost 3 folds over Alamar Blue and 26 folds over MTT.


  • Assessing cell viability, cell proliferation, and cytotoxicity. For in vitro research use only.

Brief Protocol

  • 1. Set up a cytotoxicity assay:
    Seed the cells at 6000-8000 cells/100 μl/well in 96-well culture plates and let the cells grow overnight. Add serially diluted test compounds to each well. Include four "No-cells" and four "No-drug" wells as 0% and 100% viability controls. Return the plate to the CO2 incubator for 48-72 hrs.

  • 2. Start AquaBluer assay: Add 100 μl AquaBluer solution to 10 ml culture medium in a dispensing reservoir. Pipette up and down to mix well. Replace the culture medium in each well with the 100x diluted AquaBluer medium. Alternatively, directly add 1 μl of undiluted AquaBluer solution to each 100 μl well, convenient for viability assay of fresh suspension cultures. Return the plate to the CO2 incubator for 4 hrs.

  • 3. Raw data acquisition: Remove the plate from the incubator. Place the plate in a fluorescence plate reader and read the fluorescence intensity at 540ex/590em.

  • 4. Viability and IC50 calculation: Subtract the average of fluorescence value (RFU) of the No-cell control (background) from all other RFU values. Convert the test RFU values to % viability using the formula:

    % Viability = (RFUtest / RFUveh) x 100

    where RFUveh is the average RFU of the No-drug wells. Enter the % viability values and corresponding log test compound concentrations into a non-linear regression program such as Prism and use the Four Parameter Model to obtain the IC50 values and dose-response curve of the test compounds.

Kit Size

  • The kits are sufficient for the preparation of
  • 6001MT: 1,000 assays in 96-well format using 1 μl AquaBluer in 100 μl medium
  • 6015MT: 15,000 assays


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6001MT AquaBluer Trial Kit 1 ml 17,00 PDF
6015MT AquaBluer Kit 15 ml 244,00 PDF
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