Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Next Generation Fluorescent Dyes

ICG – Near-Infrared Fluorescent Dyes

ICG – Near-Infrared Fluorescent Dyes
Fluorescence Spectra of ICG
In vivo imaging of mice lungs
Indocyanine Green Labeling Kit


  • For labeling with NHS esters, maleimides, or through click reaction
  • Labeling kits available
  • Proteins, e.g., antibodies, as well as nucleic acids like oligonucleotides carrying terminal amino groups can be labeled
  • For in vivo imaging using near infrared excitation and emission filters

Near-Infrared Fluorescent Dyes

  • Early fluorescence-based research applications employed fluorophores that only emitted in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum (390-700nm) because of the limitations in detecting beyond the visible spectrum. Technological advances now allow the detection of fluorophores beyond the boundaries of the visible spectrum and into the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. These new fluorophores and detectors offer greater variability, versatility, and multiplexing capabilities for new and developing applications.

Fluorescence Spectra of ICG

In Vivo Imaging of Mice Lungs Stained With ICG

NHS Series

  • NHS-ester chemistry is a preferred labeling method due to its high specificity towards primary amines
  • Stable linkage formation
  • Labeling of antibodies via amide bond formation
  • Labeling kit available

Maleimide Series

  • The maleimide group reacts specifically with sulfhydryl groups (–SH)
  • Sulfhydryls, also called thiols, exist in proteins in the side-chain of cysteine residues
  • Easy! Just mix your protein with the labeling reagent!
  • Labeling kit available

CBT Series

  • Selective labeling of cysteine residues in proteins or antibodies by cyanobenzothiazlole groups

Azide Series

  • Labeling of antibodies or proteins through click-reaction (azide-alkyne cycloaddition)

Indocyanine Green Labeling Kit

  • Indocyanine Green-NHS (succinimidyl ester) is a near-infrared fluorescent probe that binds to amino acid residues without any condensing agent. Not only proteins and antibodies but also oligonucleotides with terminal amino group can be labeled. This kit includes reagents and tools that are sufficient for five labeling and purification reactions. One package of Indocyanine Green-NHS can be used to label 300 mg of protein, for example, IgG.


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  • GORYO Fluorescent Probes Catalog (PDF)