Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Ion Indicators

Calcium Indicators


Fluorescent probes that show a spectral response upon binding Ca2+ have enabled researchers to investigate changes in intracellular free Ca2+ concentrations using fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and fluorescence spectroscopy. We offer a selection of fluorescent indicators, all of which are available to scientists in Germany, and many of them also to scientists in other countries. They are supplied by different manufacturers and useful for detecting changes in intracellular Ca2+ over the range of <50 nM to >50 µM.


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
MFP-F241 Fluo-3 AM 1 mg 262,00 PDF
MFP-F242 Fluo-3 AM special packaging 20 x 50µg 319,00 PDF
84015AS Fura-2, AM 1 mg 126,00 PDF
MFP-F201 Fura-2 AM 1 mg 174,00 PDF
84017AS Fura-2; AM *UltraPure Grade* *Small Package* 50 µg x 20 188,00 PDF
MFP-F200 Fura-2 1 mg 139,00 PDF
F1046-500UGAG Fura-2FF(K+ Salt) 500 ug 156,00 PDF
84006AS Indo-1, AM 1 mg 130,00 PDF
84035AS Rhod-2, AM *UltraPure Grade* 1 mg 279,00 PDF
C1209-50ugAG 2-(4)-Dehydroxycoelenterazine 50 ug 133,00 PDF
C1212-50ugAG Coelenterazine 50 ug 141,00 PDF
C1275-50ugAG Coelenterazine cp 50 ug 111,00 PDF
C1277-50ugAG Coelenterazine f 50 ug 133,00 PDF
C1279-50ugAG Coelenterazine fcp 50 ug 112,00 PDF
C1281-50ugAG Coelenterazine hcp 50 ug 133,00 PDF
C1283-50ugAG Coelenterazine I 50 ug 112,00 PDF
C1285-50ugAG Coelenterazine ip 50 ug 133,00 PDF
C1287-50ugAG Coelenterazine n 50 ug 133,00 PDF
C1291-1KITAG Coelenterazine Sampler Kit 1 Kit 540,00 PDF
C1289-1MGAG Coelenterazine, 2-methyl 1 mg 295,00 PDF
C1289-50UGAG Coelenterazine, 2-methyl 50 ug 97,00 PDF
F1044-1MGAG Fura-2 LA (AM) 1 mg 275,00 PDF
F1040-1MGAG Fura-2(AM) 1 mg 216,00 PDF
F1042-1MGAG Fura-2(K+ Salt) 1 mg 171,00 PDF
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  • Fluorescent Dyes Brochure (PDF)