Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Fluorescent Probes from ABP Biosciences - A Spin-Off Company from Molecular Probes

Cell Proliferation and Viability

Cell Proliferation
E. coli
Cell Cycle


  • Cell proliferation & viability analysis is crucial for cell growth and differentiation studies, and is often used to evaluate both compound toxicity and inhibition of tumor cell growth during drug development. Proliferation measurements are typically made based on average DNA content or on cellular metabolism. Assays can report either total cell numbers or live cells, or measure DNA synthesis in single cells. Viability assays measure the population of dead and live cells in relation to total cell numbers.

  • ABP Biosciences offers a wide selection of assays for the analysis of cell proliferation and viability. Many of the assays are fluorescence- or colorimetric-based, offering sensitivity and convenience. These products have been validated on multiple instrument platforms, including microscopy, flow cytometry, microplate reader, or high content screening.


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