Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Fluorescent Probes from ABP Biosciences - A Spin-Off Company from Molecular Probes

Cell Structure Probes

Cell Imaging Probes Intro
Cell Structure Probes
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  • Bright fluorescence
  • Multicolor selection
  • Suitable for cell imaging and flow cytometry
  • Validated protocols


  • ABP Biosciences offers a diverse selection of cell structure probes to specifically stain from organelle and membrane to whole cell. These small organic stains have been widely used as counterstains to identify the location of specific proteins and targets of interest within the cell while detection of antibodies against proteins associated with specific organelles can lead to a better understanding of cellular function. Our cell structure probes are designed for organelle-specific staining for live-cell or fixed-cell imaging.

Cell Structure Probes Selection Guide


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