Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Chelators, Calibration Buffers, Ionophores and Cell-Loading Reagents

Chelators, Calibration Buffers, Ionophores and Cell-loading Reagents


Ionophores are lipid-soluble molecules used to transport ions across the cell-membrane. Ionophores may either bind to an ion to shield its charge and facilitate movement across the membrane, or create a hydrophilic pore in a membrane allowing ions to pass through. In laboratory research, ionophores are used to increase the permeability of biological membranes to certain ions allowing researchers to manipulate ion concentration gradients. Cell-permeant acetoxymethyl (AM) esters have low aqueous solubility. Dispersing agents, typically fetal calf serum, bovine serum albumin or Pluronic® F-127, are often used to facilitate cell loading. Pluronic® F-127 has also proven useful as a blocking reagent to prevent cell adhesion to PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane, a silicon-based organic polymer) microfluidic channels. We provide Pluronic® F-127 in different forms.


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
A1130-1MGAG 4-Bromo-A23187 1 mg 132,00 PDF
A1130-5MGAG 4-Bromo-A23187 5 mg 507,00 PDF
A1020-10mgAG A23187, Free Acid 10 mg 180,00 PDF
A1020-5mgAG A23187, Free Acid 5 mg 104,00 PDF
A1020-50mgAG A23187, Free Acid 50 mg 715,00 PDF
A1128-10MGAG A23187, Mixed Calcium-Magnesium Salt 10 mg 180,00 PDF
84100AS EGTA, AM 10 mg 165,00 PDF
84097AS EGTA, tetrasodium salt, 10 mM aqueous solution *UltraPure Grade* 10 mL 69,00 PDF
E2032-10mgAG Enniatin Complex, Fursarium sp. 10 mg 426,00 PDF
F1140-1mgAG Ferutinin 1 mg 54,00 PDF
F1140-5mgAG Ferutinin 5 mg 149,00 PDF
I1015-1MGAG Ionomycin, Calcium Salt 1 mg 104,00 PDF
I1014-5MGAG Ionomycin, Free Acid 5 mg 454,00 PDF
I1014-1MGAG Ionomycin, Free Acid 1 mg 119,00 PDF
M1213-100MGAG Monensin Methyl Ester 100 mg 232,00 PDF
M1211-1GAG Monensin, Sodium Salt. 1 g 96,00 PDF
N1103-10MGAG Nigericin, Sodium Salt,Polyether ionophore 10 mg 171,00 PDF
N1103-5MGAG Nigericin, Sodium Salt,Polyether ionophore 5 mg 98,00 PDF
N1155-10MGAG Nonactin, Macrotetrolide antibiotic 10 mg 156,00 PDF
N1155-50MGAG Nonactin, Macrotetrolide antibiotic 50 mg 405,00 PDF
84040AS Pluronic® F-127 *Cell Culture Tested * 10 g 97,00 PDF
84042AS Pluronic® F-127, 10\% solution in water 100 mL 69,00 PDF
84041AS Pluronic® F-127, 20\% solution in DMSO 10 mL 86,00 PDF
S2063-500ugAG SQI-Pr(Na) 500 ug 253,00 PDF
V1013-1GAG Valinomycin 1 g 1356,00 PDF
V1013-100MGAG Valinomycin 100 mg 188,00 PDF
X1007-1MGAG X-206 1 mg 37,00 PDF
X1007-5MGAG X-206 5 mg 149,00 PDF
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