Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology



Mounting Medium for Immunofluorescence Microscopy


  • Clearly prolonged gleaming signals
  • Stabilizes fluorochromes and decreases photobleaching
  • Conserves the cells and fixes the cover slide
  • Ready-to-use


  • MobiGLOW is a mounting medium for immunofluorescence microscopy. Its formula stabilizes fluorochromes and substantially decreases bleaching under UV radiation. This results in prolonged gleaming signals and higher contrast of the images. Another innovation of MobiGLOW is its property to gently solidify after the attachment of the cover slide.
  • This feature
    1. a) conserves the cells in their permanent appearance and
    2. b) permanently fixes the cover slide.
  • Thus, the use of nail polish for slide immobilization is no longer necessary. These benefits make MobiGLOW the tool of choice to get the finest images from your precious immunofluorescences. For your convenience MobiGLOW comes in an easy-to-use pipet flask.
  • MobiGLOW is stable at 4 °C in a dark place for about 4 weeks. For long-term storage please make aliquots and store them at -20 °C.

Confocal images of FITC-stained cells after 0 and 3 minutes with and without MobiGLOW: MobiGLOW clearly stabilizes the fluorophore.


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