Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Glycan Analysis

Glycan Arrays

Layout of Glycan Array I

Layout of Glycan Array I
with positions of immobilized glycans. Each glycan is printed in triplicate at high and low concentrations.


  • Glycan Arrays are useful tools for several applications:
    1. Analysis of binding specificity of glycan-binding proteins
    2. Studies on interaction of microorganisms
    3. Research on mechanisms of infection
    4. Search for autoantibodies
  • Fast testing of binding specificity by fluorescence analysis
  • Binding to 28 kinds of glycans and 24 kinds of ganglioside glycans can be investigated
  • Two areas of glycan concentrations are provided
  • The direction of immobilized glycans is well-controlled


  • The array consists of a unique plastic substrate that is covered by non-adsorptive biopolymer. On this, functional groups are placed that bind to reducing the ends of glycans. Special surface treatment enables to control directions of immobilized glycans.
Glycan Array I Glycan Array II

Enables testing of 28 kinds of glycans:

N-glycans: M9, NA2, A2, NA2F, NA3, A3, NA4

O-glycans: STn, T

GAG: Heparin, De2S Hep, De6S Hep, DeNS Hep,
DeNS/Ac Hep

Lewis type: Lea, Lex, SLea, SLex

Lac type: Lac, 3SL, 6SL, 3SLNAc, 6SLNAc, LNT, LNnT

ABO type: A, B, O

Enables testing of 24 kinds of ganglioside glycans:

Ganglioside series: GM3, GD3, GT3, GM2, GD2, GT2,
GM1a, GM1b, GD1a, GD1b, GT1a, GT1c, GA1 (asialo GM1), Fucosyl GM1, GA2 (asialo GM2)

Globo series: Gb3 (PK antigen), Gb4 (P antigen), Gb5
(SSEA-3), Globo-H (SSEA 3), Globo-A, Globo-B, SSEA-4 tetraose, SSEA-4 hexaose, Forssman antigen


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BS-X1731Z Glycan Array I 1 1040,00 PDF
BS-X1732Z Glycan Array I 4 3900,00 PDF
BS-X1733Z Glycan Array I 8 7280,01 PDF
BS-X1714Z Glycan Array II 1 1040,00 PDF
BS-X1715Z Glycan Array II 4 3900,00 PDF
BS-X1716Z Glycan Array II 8 7280,01 PDF
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  • Shipped at room temperature;
  • Glycan Array I: store at 4 °C; in case of longer storage, store at -20 °C
  • Glycan Array II: store at -20 °C