Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Glycan Analysis

BlotGlyco® O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit

For Safe, Easy, and Accurate O-Glycan Analysis


Kit Components
• Polymer beads for glycan purification
• Reaction tubes
• Cleanup columns
• O-Glycan release reagent



  • The kit facilitates O-glycan sample preparation from biological samples such as glycoproteins, mucins, etc.
  • It consists of O-glycan release reagent and glycan purification/labeling beads.
  • Eliminating time-consuming tedious purification steps.
  • Only two days are required to obtain a purified, 2-AB labeled O-glycan sample from biological samples.
  • Safer than conventional methods due to the usage of a mild ammonium salt for O-glycan release.
  • Easy operations. No need for special devices.


  • BlotGlyco® O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit is a streamlined process for releasing and purifying O-glycans for detection by HPLC, LC-MS, and MALDI-TOF MS.
  • Hydrazinolysis is a traditional method for O-glycan release from glycoprotein. However, the method requires anhydrous hydrazine, which is highly toxic and hard to handle. Another problem is "peeling", which is an unwanted O-glycan degradation during the release process of conventional methods. Traditional hydrazinolysis, as well as some O-glycan release kits on the market, can not avoid peeling.
  • The BlotGlyco® O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit can release O-glycan under a mild alkaline condition, which eliminates this peeling reaction. The kit does not require harsh reagents such as hydrazine, hence researchers are able to obtain O-glycan samples easily and safely.
  • BlotGlyco® O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit is perfectly suited for O-glycan analysis of a broad range of biological samples such as purified glycoproteins and crude samples, for instance, unpurified glycoproteins, serum, urine, cell and tissue lysates, and plant extracts.


  • O-Glycosylation analysis of biologics. For research, screening, quality control, production process development, and monitoring.
  • O-Glycosylation analysis of biological samples such as mucins.


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  • O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit Presentation (PDF)
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