Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Human Cytomegalovirus Assay Kits

CMV Assay Kits

CMV assay kit

CMV assay kit


  • Compatible with other ELISA-VIDITESTs – possibility of whole herpes virus panel antibody examination from one dilution of serum sample
  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the data
  • Six-point calibration curve for quantitative evaluation
  • ELISA-VIDITEST anti-CMV IgG validated both for serum and CSF samples
  • ELISA-VIDITEST anti-CMV IgM in capture setting – high specificity
  • Supplied with software for intrathecal antibody synthesis determination
  • High sensitivity verified in diagnostic evaluation studies


  • ELISA-VIDITEST anti-CMV kits are intended for the diagnosis of diseases associated with CMV infection, e.g. CMV mononucleosis, CMV syndrome, acute and chronic infections in immuno-compromised patients. The tests can also be a part of the laboratory work–up for chronic fatigue syndrome or for the estimation of serological status in blood donors, organ donors or patients during pre–transplantation laboratory check–up. Tests are the part of TORCH complex and can be used for the screening and follow–up of women during pregnancy in order to detect and manage the possible congenital CMV infections in newborns.
Antibody titer during a CMV infection

Antibody titer during a CMV infection

Overview on CMV assays

Order # Product Method Evaluation No. of tests Sample Sensitivity/ Specificity
ODZ-176 anti-CMV IgG ELISA semiquant. 96 serum 99.8% / 100%
ODZ-102 anti-CMV IgG (CSF) ELISA quant. 96 serum, cerebrospinal fluid 99.8% / 100%
ODZ-177 anti-CMV IgG & IgG vidity ELISA semiquant. 48 serum -
ODZ-162 anti-CMV IgM capture* ELISA semiquant. 96 serum 96.2% / 96%
ODZ-164 anti-CMV IgA ELISA semiquant. 96 serum 100% / 95.2%


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
ODZ-176 anti-CMV IgG 96 wells 144,00 PDF
ODZ-102 anti-CMV IgG (CSF) 96 wells 153,00 PDF
ODZ-177 anti-CMV IgG and IgG avidity 96 wells 147,60 PDF
ODZ-162 anti-CMV IgM capture* ** 96 wells 276,00 PDF
ODZ-164 anti-CMV IgA * 96 wells 138,00 PDF
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