Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Human Herpesvirus 6 – Assay Kits

HHV-6 Assay Kits


  • High sensitivity/specificity
  • IF assays available for confirmation of the results
  • Ready-to-use controls and conjugates
  • Incubation at laboratory temperature


  • ELISA-VIDITEST and IF-VIDITEST anti-HHV-6 kits are intended for the serological diagnosis of diseases associated with HHV-6 infection, such as exanthema subitum, acute respiratory illnesses, diarrhoea with fever and febrile seizures in infants, heterophile antibody-negative infectious mononucleosis in children, also interstitial pneumonia, encephalitis, meningitis, hepatitis, and aplastic anemia in immunodeficient patients. The presence of IgG anti-HHV-6 antibody reveals the immune status of the patient. Seroconversion or 4-fold rise in antibody titer in paired serum samples, taken in acute and convalescent phase of the infection, is indicative of the active infection.

Overview on HHV-6 assay kits

Order # Product Method Evaluation No. of tests Sample
ODZ-235 anti-HHV-6 IgG ELISA semiquant. 96 serum
ODZ-344 anti-HHV-6 IgG (CSF) ELISA quant. 96 serum
ODZ-345 anti-HHV-6 IgM ELISA semiquant. 96 serum
ODZ-061 anti-HHV-6 IgG IF semiquant. 10x8 serum


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
ODZ-235 anti-HHV-6 IgG 96 wells 232,00 PDF
ODZ-344 anti-HHV-6 IgG (CSF) 96 wells 236,00 PDF
ODZ-345 anti-HHV-6 IgM 96 wells 340,00 PDF
ODZ-061 anti-HHV-6 IgG 80 wells 165,00 PDF
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