Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Customized Services

Custom Organic Synthesis


  • MoBiTec offers dependable & high quality custom-made organic chemicals. In close cooperation with a chemical manufacturer we are able to synthesize detection reagents and analytical substances to meet your specific research needs.

  • The substance expertise ranges from synthesis of amines to xanthogic acid esters, in particulary:
  • acetals, acetylenes, acyloines, aldehydes, alkaloids, alcohols, alkyl halides, aminals, amines, aromatic compounds, azo compounds, boric acid esters, camphene, carboxylic acid amides, carboxylic acid ester, carboxylic acids, cellulose esters, cellulose ethers, quinolines, quinones, quinoxalines, cholesterol derivates, dicarboxylic acids, dioxanes, dioxetanes, disulfides, dithioacetales, dithiolanes, enamines, enoles, epoxides, ethers, fatty alcohols, fatty acid esters, fatty acids, furans, halogen aromatics, hydrazines, hydrazones, hydroquinones, hydroxylamines, imidazoles, imides, indoles, isoquinolines, isocyanates, isocyanides, ketones, carbonates, lactams, lactones, morpholines, naphtalenes, nicotinic acids, nitriles, nitrom aromatics, norbornenes, olefins, oximes, oxiranes, peptide, phenols, piperidines, pyrazoles, pyridines, pyrroles, sulfonic acids, sulfonic acid esters, sulfoxides, sulfides, thiols, thiophenes and xanthogic acids esters.

  • Synthesis order will be performed in the range of 0.1 - 1000 g. Synthesis time normally requires 3-5 weeks after receiving your order. For more information please contact our technical service (Phone: 0551 707 2270, E-mail: