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Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


ELISA Kits for Educational Purposes

Kits for Laboratory Method Lessons at High Schools and Universities


ELISA Kits for Educational Purposes

Vidia EDUCO Diagnostic

Aim of the test:
Antibody detection in unknown samples.


  • Demonstration of ELISA principle
  • Testing at laboratory temperature
  • No need for any special equipment
  • No hazardous substances or infectious material
  • Total test time 35 minutes
  • Detailed manual (for teacher) and leaflet with the test procedure (for students)


  • ELISA-VIDITEST EDUCO kits provide a safe demonstration of ELISA for educational purposes. The kits are designed for school laboratory classes: simple, cheap and with non–hazardous, non–infectious components. Plastic droppers are included for suitable reagent handling. The kits demonstrate positive and/or negative results in several unknown samples. A detailed and straightforward user guide with troubleshooting section is included.


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ODZ-191 EDUCO Diagnostic 6 doublestrips (96 wells) 39,20 PDF
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  • VIDIA EDUCO Products Flyer (PDF)
  • VIDIA EDUCO Diagnostic Worksheet (PDF)