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  • Ultracentrifugation is currently the gold standard methodology for exosomes isolation from biological fluids or cell supernatants. However it does not effectively isolate exosomes from small volume samples, it requires expensive equipment and it is time-consuming. To address these issues, the HBM team has developed and optimized 4 classes of effective tools for isolating overall or specific exosome populations, in an efficient, fast and cheap way.

1. PURE-EVs SEC Columns

  • New and efficient size exclusion chromatography (SEC) columns for the isolation of highly pure exosomes from biofluids (i.e. plasma, serum and urine) and from cell culture media.
  • Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) is considered one of the best methods for isolating and purifying exosomes and extracellular vesicles (EVs) from different matrices. In particular, this technique is very efficient for separating exosomes from the circulating proteins and does not affect the original shape and functionality of the vesicles. HBM has developed different classes of SEC columns for EV purification: PURE-EV and miniPURE-EV are two different size of columns for EV purification from small volume (1.5 ml up to 100 µl) of different matrices. In addition, HBM provides PURE-EV PLUS, which, together with the SEC column, includes MWCO (molecular weight cut-off ) concentrators especially designed for concentrating the EV preparation. Using PURE-EVs PLUS you can get in approximately 15 minutes a concentrate EV preparation.

  • More information:
  • HansaBioMed PURE-EVs Columns Brochure – Size exclusion chromatography columns for exosomes isolation (PDF)

3. EXO-Prep

  • Easy one-step method for total exosome isolation from biofluids (i.e. plasma, serum and urine) and from cell culture media.
  • EXO-Prep is a fast and convenient method of exosome isolation from biofluids and cell culture supernatants. Isolation with EXO-Prep is based on chemical precipitation. Samples are incubated with EXO-Prep solution on ice, so that exosomes will precipitate following centrifugation. The obtained pellet can be resuspended in PBS 1X or deionized water. The protocol is user friendly, timesaving (around 1 hour), and does not require capital laboratory equipment. Isolated exosomes are suitable for a wide range of analyses, such as NTA, protein profiling by using different techniques (western blotting, ELISA, FACS), nucleic acid extraction and profiling of mRNA or small RNA markers.

  • More information:
  • HansaBioMed EXO-Prep Brochure (PDF)

4. Immunoplates

  • For exosome immunocapture using generic or specific exosome-associated biomarkers (i.e. tumoral, neural and glial derived).
  • HBM Immunoplates are 96 multiwell plates covalently pre-coated with specific exosome-binding antibodies allowing exosome capture and isolation from different sources (cell supernatant, human plasma, serum, urine and saliva). Covalent coating improves the correct orientation of antibodies maximizing the quantity of immunocaptured exosomes and increasing the binding efficiency of the plate. In addition the coating chemistry reduces the aspecific binding of circulating protein complexes and cell debries, and it helps the enrichment of exosome subpopulations. HBM has developed different types of plates for capturing the overall or enriching specific exosome subpopulations (tumoral, neural, glial, monocytes and platelets). Plates are blocked and stabilized for long term storage.

  • More information:
  • HansaBioMed Immunoplates Brochure (PDF)

5. Immunobeads

  • Latex immunobeads for generic and specific exosome immunocapture from human biofluids or cell supernatants. Immunocaptured exosome can be recovered and used for downstream analyses.
  • HBM provides several types of Immunobeads for capturing and isolating overall or specific exosome sub-populations. Latex immunobeads are covalently coupled with antibodies against exosome surface antigens, allowing exosome capture from human biofluids (tested for plasma, serum and urine) and cell culture media without pre-purification steps (ultracentrifuge or other method for exosome purification). HBM immunobeads are able to capture the overall exosome population (Immunobeads for Overall Exosome capture) or to enrich exosome subpopulation derived from tumoral source (Tumoral-derived exosome capture and enrichment).

  • More information:
  • HansaBioMed Immunobeads Brochure (PDF)

2. TFF-Easy: Tangential Flow Filter for EV Concentration

  • Tangential flow filtration (TFF) is a rapid and efficient method, usually used for separation and purification of biomolecules. TFF can also be used to concentrate and desalt sample solutions, and is emerging as a new technique for EV isolation, if coupled with SEC.
  • TFF-Easy is a filter cartridge in hollow fibers made of polysulfone, which allows the concentration and the removal of small proteins and molecules from diluted matrices (cell conditioned media, urine, etc.) prior to the EV purification.
  • The small dimension of the device allows to concentrate samples from 5 ml up to bigger volumes, surmounting the limit of the TFF technique which is usable for processing big volumes of fluids.

  • More information:
  • HansaBioMed TFF-Easy Flyer: Tangential flow filter for EV concentration (PDF)


Exosome Isolation Tools

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