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Exosome Intro


  • Exosome research is a relatively novel and exciting field of biomedical research with development of applications in vaccines and in cancer. The use of exosomes for assessment of functional state of parent cell in basic and clinical research is currently hampered by the lack of reliable, affordable and optimized tools for quantitative analysis of exosomes in complex biological samples (e.g. plasma or urine). On this page MoBiTec together with HansaBioMed present ExoTEST™ an innovative technology that allows purification, quantification and characterization of circulating exosomes specific to a cell type or tissue, or to a condition (health vs. disease).
  • Together with ExoTEST™ HansaBioMed team has developed a new kit for FACS (Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting) analysis of exosome markers, Exo-FACS, which allows exosome FACS profiling without wasting time in exosome isolation by ultracentrifugation.

ExoTEST™ Ready-to-Use Kit

  • ELISA assay for exosome immunocapture, quantification and characterization from human biofluids (plasma, serum, urine, saliva) and cell culture media.

Exo-FACS Ready-to-Use Kit

  • Ready-to-use kit which allows exosome isolation from biofluids or cell media and biomarker analysis via FACS.

ExoTEST™: Ready-to-Use ELISA Quantification Kits



  • Ready-to-use
  • No initial exosome purification required
  • User friendly and suitable for multiple marker analyses
  • Available in TEST format (limited to 3 ELISA strips, 24 wells)


  • ExoTEST™ is a patented double sandwich ELISA assay for quantitative and qualitative analysis of exosomes. In particular, ExoTEST™ is a successful platform for exosome quantification and characterization from small amount of human biological fluids or cell media and it may be exploited to identify exosomes released by cancer cells in the plasma and urine of tumor patients in various disease conditions. ExoTEST enables reliable and precise quantitative measurement and comparison among samples and individual experiments and provides increased sensitivity in detection of exosomal markers with respect to other analytical methods (like FACS, WB).

ExoTest™ Principle

  • ExoTEST™ consists of ELISA plates pre-coated with proprietary pan-exosome antibodies enabling specific capture of exosomes from different biological samples, including cell culture supernatants and human biological fluids. Quantification and characterization of exosomal proteins is subsequently performed using appropriate detection antibodies against exosome associated antigens that can be for either generic or cell/tissue-specific exosomes. Lyophilized Exosome Standards, characterized for protein content and particle number (NTA) allow the quantification of unknown sample by a standard calibration curve.


  • • Exosome capture and quantification from human biofluids and cell culture media
  • • Exosome comprehensive profiling
  • • Pre-clinical research on non-invasive biomarkers for detection and monitoring of a number of pathological conditions
      (inflammation, cancer, neurodegeneration, etc.)
  • HBM offers different types of ExoTEST™ kits for quantification of overall exosome population from human biofluids (plasma, urine, serum) and from cell culture supernatants. In addition, an ExoTEST for tumor-derived exosome enrichment and quantification is available. This kit includes an immunoplate able to enrich the tumor exosome subpopulation and is especially suitable for biomarker discovery in clinical cancer research or in development of diagnostics. All ExoTEST kits are available with different immunoplate formats for colorimetric (transparent) and luminometric (white) methodology.

Exo-FACS Ready-to-Use Kit



  • Ready-to-use
  • No initial exosome purification required
  • Lyophilized Exosome Standards as positive control included
  • User friendly and suitable for multiple marker analyses


  • Exo-FACS allows exosome isolation from biofluids or cell culture media and FACS analysis of exosome markers. The kit consists of EXO-Prep reagent for exosome isolation, 4 µm beads used for the overall capture of pre-isolated exosomes, lyophilized exosomes from cell culture supernatants or human biological fluids, as positive control. The characterization of exosomal proteins (membrane expressed or internal) is subsequently performed using appropriate detection antibodies against exosome associated antigens.


  • • Exosome isolation and exosome marker characterization via FACS
  • • Exosome comprehensive profiling
  • HBM offers different Exo-FACS kits for staining of exosomal markers from human biofluids (plasma, urine, serum, saliva) and from cell culture supernatants. Exo-FACS contains reagents for 20 reactions (lyophilized exosomes, beads, antibodies and buffers). Primary antibody included in the kit is against a common exosomal marker (CD9 or CD63) and can be used as a positive control for protein profiling via FACS analysis.


ExoTEST: Ready-to-Use ELISA Quantification Kits

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