Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


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ImmunoSelect® Adhesion Slides

For optimum Cell Retainment and Morphology

Polarized human CD34+ hematopoetic cells, absorbed to ImmunoSelect Adhesion Slides

Polarized human CD34+ hematopoetic cells, absorbed to ImmunoSelect® Adhesion Slides. DIC and immunohistological staining anti Flotillin (red), and DNA (DAPI, blue) J. Beckmann, Institute for Transplantation Diagnostics at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany


  • Very fast adhesion of cells and tissue sections with high retainment >95% !
  • Superior alternative to Polylysine and other adhesion techniques
  • No cytospins or smears necessary, simply drop the cells and let them float down
  • Cell adhesion resistent to heating, staining and denaturation procedures
  • No cell loss even at harsh cytological staining procedures
  • Superb retainment of cell and tissue morphology


MoBiTec ImmunoSelect® adhesion slides are developed for microscopical use, where precious and only poorly available cellular material should be efficiently immobilized. In contrast to commonly coated slides the ImmunoSelect® adhesion slides stop cell loss even at harsh incubation procedures. The ImmunoSelect® adhesion surface allows a fast and highly efficient immobilization of the cells and helps to reduce cellular material and reagents. The extremely fast binding of the cellular material to the glass surface saves time consuming centrifugation and drying procedures.


The new adhesive coating of the ImmunoSelect® adhesion slides with a Square Linque® surface combines different binding principles to natural surface structures of cells and tissues and anchored them securely to the glass surface. Due to this procedure the cells do not lose their antigenicity or ability to function.


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