Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Desalting MobiSpin Columns

Rapid and Efficient Routine Purification of Nucleic Acids From Smaller Contaminants

Desalting MobiSpin Column

Desalting MobiSpin Column
The Desalting MobiSpin Column is closed with a screw cap and contains the new matrix that consists of uniform microscopic beads of a porous, form-stable silica material. The matrix is supported by a 35 ┬Ám filter. The tip of the MobiSpin Column is an adherent snap-off plug. The plug has to be removed prior to use and can be reused for closing by turning it upside down.

Functional principle of Desalting MobiSpin Columns

Functional principle of Desalting MobiSpin Columns

Improved recovery efficiency with small-sized dsDNA fragments

Improved recovery efficiency with small-sized dsDNA fragments. Recovery rates of the Desalting MobiSpin Columns in comparison to conventional desalting spin columns with sepharcyl matrix were calculated according to the following methods: Recovery rates of small-sized fragments (≤100 bp) were tested by loading 15 µg of a defined DNA fragment mixture onto each kind of column. DNA fragments (before and after purification) were separated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and band intensity of each fragment was calculated with appropriate software. Recovery rates of a 2300 bp fragment were calculated photometrically by determining concentrations before and after purification. In this case 25 µg have been loaded onto the respective columns.


  • Compatibility with laboratory standard
  • Columns are pre-packed and long-term storable at room temperature
  • Easy handling:
    1. 1. Equilibrate with MobiSpin Buffer, spin, and discard the flow through
    2. 2. Load sample, spin, and collect the purified product
  • Desalting efficiency > 90%
  • Excellent recovery of small-sized nucleic acid fragments
  • No sample dilution
  • Consistent results with simplified protocols
  • Sample loading and recovery in less than 3 minutes
  • Numerous samples can be processed simultaneously


  • Spin column chromatography combines effectiveness of gel filtration with speed of centrifugation. The novel silica resin of the Desalting MobiSpin Column is composed of uniform microscopic beads of a porous, form-stable material. It allows the selective removal of molecules as small as NaCl. Since this new matrix material works without moisture expansion (contrasting sepharcryl and sepharose resins, which swell in buffer), resins are allowed to fall dry without any loss in purification efficiency. Therefore, Desalting MobiSpin Columns give reproducible results of high quality and are much easier to handle. Furthermore, the columns are long-term storable in dry state.

  • The new matrix works on the proven principle of size-exclusion. Nucleic acid molecules larger than the pore size are excluded from the resin. These molecules quickly move through the matrix bed when the column is centrifuged. Molecules smaller than the pore size, like hydrated salt ions, do enter the pores of the matrix beads and are held back. Thus, nucleic acid molecules are eluted from the column in order of decreasing molecular size. A detailed overview on the functional principle is given in the figure below:


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