Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Microscopy Accessories

Imaging Dish CG (Cover Glass)


  • Borosilicate glass bottom, 145 μm or 175 μm
  • Excellent well planarity
  • Tissue culture (TC) surface to support cell spreading and adhesion
  • Optical benefits of borosilicate cover glass


  • Laser scanning confocal microscopy
  • Total internal reflection fluorescence
  • Differential interference contrast
  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  • Low intensity fluorescence

Cover glass bottom with advanced cell culture surface properties

  • Amino group surface treatment for better cell adhesion, distribution and spreading
  • High quality cover glass as gold standard for imaging applications
  • 35 mm polystyrene (PS) dish with central cover glass area (diameter 18 mm), glass level is 2 mm below PS dish basement. N-W-S-O marks for better ROI orientation
  • Variants with cover glass no. 1.0 and 1.5
  • μGrid version for improved ROI relocation or cell migration observation
  • Imaging Dishes CG are suited to be used between -20 °C and 50 °C
  • Use of alcohols or ketones has to be tested to avoid weakening of the adhesive
Imaging Dish CG

Imaging Dish CG

Technical data

Dish diameter 35 mm Distance dish bottom / Imaging area 400 μm  
Imaging area / diameter 18 mm Surface treatment TC  
Total volume 7 ml Lid yes  
Suggested cell seeding volume 750 μl Sterile yes  
Suggested working volume 2 ml Planicity/Flatness ≤ 5 μm  
Order # μGrid Glass No. Thickness Packaging format  
5160-30 no 1.0 145 μm 6/bag, 30/box  
5160-168 no 1.0 145 μm 6/bag, 168/box  
6160-30 no 1.5 175 μm 6/bag, 30/box  
6160-168 no 1.5 175 μm 6/bag, 168/box  
7160-30 0.3 x 0.3 mm 1.5 175 μm 6/bag, 30/box  
7160-168 0.3 x 0.3 mm 1.5 175 μm 6/bag, 168/box  

Imaging Dish Stage Frame


  • The twelve corner grip zone of the Imaging Dish products provide the unique feature for petri dishes for a controlled orientation and positioning of the dishes on the microscope stage. The Imaging Dish Stage Frames are therefore an ideal accessory for the Imaging Dishes to control the dish orientation (avoidance of rotation). Grip areas for thumb and digit allow an ergonomic insertion and replacement of Imaging Dishes from the stage frame. The frames are made in high precision from black anodized aluminium to avoid scattered light.
  • Imaging Stage Frames are available in two variants. Imaging Stage Frame Single (Art. No.: 9001-1) can hold a single Imaging Dish and can be used on a plane microscope stage or with inserts for slides . The Imaging Stage Frame Double (Art. Nr.: 9002-1) can hold two Imaging Dishes. A stage insert for multiwell plates is needed to use this variant.
Imaging Dish Stage Frame single

Imaging Dish Stage Frame single, 52 x 76 mm

Imaging Dish Stage Frame double

Imaging Dish Stage Frame double, 124.76 x 85, 48 mm


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
5160-30 Imaging Dish 35mm CG 1.0 30 61,00 PDF
5160-168 Imaging Dish 35mm CG 1.0 168 257,00 PDF
6160-30 Imaging Dish 35mm CG 1.5 30 61,00 PDF
6160-168 Imaging Dish 35mm CG 1.5 168 257,00 PDF
7160-30 Imaging Dish 35mm CG 1.5 µgrid 30 121,00 PDF
7160-168 Imaging Dish 35mm CG 1.5 µgrid 168 643,00 PDF
9001-1 Imaging Dish Stage Frame, single 1 50,00 PDF
9002-1 Imaging Dish Stage Frame, double 1 64,00 PDF
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  • Scientific Labware for cell-based imaging, assays & arrays (PDF)