Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Mobicol and Lab Column Accessories and Matrices


Luer adapter (M)

A: Luer-adapter for the top-cap (M)
Order# M3003

Luer adapter (F)

B: Luer-adapter for outlet (F)
Order# M3004

Luer-lock adapter (M/M)

C: Luer-lock
adapter (M/M)
Order# M3007

Stopcock, one-way, Luer-lock (F)

D: Stopcock, one-
way, Luer-lock (F)
Order# M3006

Tubing-to-Luer-lock adapter

E: Tubing-to-Luer-lock adapter (connected to Mobicol "Classic" (M1002) with inserted large filter; not enclosed)
Order# M3001

Variable accessories are available for the Mobicols and Lab Columns:

  • Luer-adapter for the top-cap (M), Luer-adapter for outlet (F) and Luer-lock adapter (M)/(M)
  • One-way stopcocks, Luer-lock (F)
  • Tubing-to-Luer-lock adapter for Mobicols or laboratory columns
  • Different small and large filters


  • The polypropylene Luer adapter (M) for tubing connection to the inlet of the column allows a flow-trough mode at low pressure, whereas the Luer adapter (F) is suitable for a tubing connection to the outlet of the column. Furthermore, the Luer adapter (M/M) facilitates the connection of the inlet to a Luer-lock system. The Tubing-to-Luer-lock adapter enables a safe connection from a pump to the inlet of a Mobicol or a 2.5 ml column. The one-way stopcock, Luer-lock (F) is a convenient tool for controlling flow-through at the in- or outlet.
    The polypropylene Luer-adapters are suitable for connecting columns to tubes with an inner diameter of 1.6 mm.


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
M3001 Tubing-to-Luer-lock adapter (material outside: metal; inside: glass and PTFE; with 1 m PTFE tubing) for Mobicols or laboratory columns 1 64,00 PDF
M3002 Luer adapter, (M+F) 10 each 20 23,00 PDF
M3003 Luer adapter for the top-cap (M) 20 23,00 PDF
M3004 Luer adapter for outlet (F) 20 23,00 PDF
M3007 Luer-lock adapter (M/M) 1 25,00 PDF
M3005 Bottom plugs for M 1002 50 26,00 PDF
M3006 Stopcocks, one-way, Luer-lock 4 26,00 PDF
M3009 Luer-lock caps 50 53,00 PDF
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