Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Mobicol "F" Column

The Versatile Small Column with Inserted Filter for Affinity Chromatography


  • Can be used in flow-through mode or as spin column
  • Useful for size exclusion or affinity purification of compounds like nucleic acids and proteins (native or tagged)
  • Compatible with small and large sample volumes
  • Luer-lock cap is compatible to Luer syringes
  • Screw cap with rubber seal
  • Mobicol can be packed and stored or shipped without leakage
  • Reverse side of snap-off plug can be used for resealing
  • Empty columns for other filter pore sizes available
  • Luer adapters are available for inlet and outlet tubing
  • Autoclavable (with filters at 110 °C) for 10 min
  • Can be centrifuged in standard microcentrifuge
  • Materials: polypropylene (column corpus), polyethylene (filters)
Mobicol F with fixed snap-off plug

Mobicol “F” (order# M105035F) with fixed snap-off plug for the outlet is supplied with 2 caps: a Luer-lock cap and a screw cap. The Mobicol “F” can be closed tightly with screw cap and plug. A filter of 35 µm pore size is inserted; an additional upper filter (35 µm) is available.

The Mobicol “F” columns for affinity chromatography are compatible to the laboratory standard. With affinity matrix they are convenient for:

  • Purification of tagged proteins
  • Purification of peptides
  • Purification of native proteins using immobilized IgG, NTP-binding proteins (e.g. kinases), amino acid binding proteins, ß-lactamase, Igase, peroxidase, EPO (erythropoetin), ß-galactosidase
  • Fractionation and purification of antibodies using protein A/G, immobilized epitopes, peptide matrix
  • Purification of glycoproteins and carbohydrates
  • Purification of fatty acids and fatty acid binding proteins
  • Whole mount embryo in situ hybridization
Syringe & Adapter

Syringe connected to Luer-lock cap (left) and adapter (order# M3001) tubing to Mobicol

Related Products

  • The Mobicol "F" columns are available pre-packed with, e.g., immobilized proteases, nucleases, alk. phosphatase, ß-galactosidase, or a compound of your choice on request.
  • Column accessories like tubings or Luer adapters are separately available, please see here.


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
M105035F Mobicol ""F"" with fixed outlet plug, inserted 35 um filter and 2 different screw caps 50 127,00 PDF
M1050 Mobicol ""F"" with fixed outlet plug and 2 different screw caps, without filters 50 112,00 PDF
M1053 Mobicol ""F"" with fixed outlet plug and 1 closed screw cap, without filters 50 97,00 PDF
M2210 Filter (large) 10 µm pore size, for Mobicol M1002, M1003, M1050 & M1053 50 12,00 PDF
M523515 Filter (large) 35 µm pore size, for Mobicol M 1002, M1003, M1050 & M1053 50 12,00 PDF
M2290 Filter (large) 90 µm pore size, for Mobicol M1002, M1003, M1050 & M1053 50 12,00 PDF
M3001 Tubing-to-Luer-lock adapter (material outside: metal; inside: glass and PTFE; with 1 m PTFE tubing) for Mobicols or laboratory columns 1 64,00 PDF
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