Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Motor-Driven Tissue Grinder

Hand-Held Homogenizer

Tissue Grinder Model: G10

Tissue Grinder G10
Speed: 12000 rpm
Power supply: 3.7 V Li battery
Brush motor

Tissue Grinder Model: G50

Tissue Grinder G50
Speed: adjustable
Power supply: 12 V DC, 5 A
Brushless motor

Tissue Grinder G50

Tissue Grinder G50


  • Hand-held: easy operation, handy
  • Avoid contamination: save your sample
  • Portable: ideal for field tests
  • Easy to clean: grinding pestle can be autoclaved
  • Wide application: plant and animal tissue; DNA/RNA extraction


  • G10 Tissue Grinder is a motor-driven grinder which is ideal for mixing, disrupting, and homogenizing micro-volume samples. The motor is powered by a 3.7 V battery and can be used cordlessly for up to 10 hrs.

  • G50 Tissue Grinder is a motor-driven grinder for resuspending pellets or disrupting soft tissue in microcentrifuge tubes. G50’s speed can be adjusted, and the set speed value is shown on an LCD screen. G50 has a brushless motor. It has a constant speed control system, so that it’s suitable for heavy load samples. G50 is powered by a 12 V DC power adapter, and is also compatible with a car charger or a battery pack.
  • For more information, please download the G50 Tissue Grinder User Guide (PDF)


  • Sample prep for DNA/RNA extraction
  • Protein extraction
  • Disrupt soft tissue (bacteria, yeast, and animal) in microcentrifuge tubes
  • Disrupt hard tissue (plant) in microcentrifuge tubes
  • Disrupt cells with chemicals, ice treatment, or liquid nitrogen treatment
  • Completely homogenize small samples in molecular diagnostic, food analysis, pharmaceutical research, medical research, neuroscience applications
  • Making emulsions and suspensions of micro-volume samples
  • Homogenize nanoparticles


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
G10-CB Motor-Driven Tissue Grinder (High speed 12000rpm) 246,00 PDF
G50-CB Motor-Driven Tissue Grinder (Adjustable speed) 323,00 PDF
PES-50-CB Tissue Grinder Pestle (50/pk) 20,00
PES-ST-CB Stainless Steel Grinder Pestle 20,00
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  • Coyote Bioscience Tissue Grinder Flyer (PDF)
  • Coyote Bioscience G50 Tissue Grinder User Guide (PDF)