Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology



Low Cell Adhesion Cell Culture Products

Conventional polystyrene petri-dish: HepG2 cells adhered on the plate and started unwanted morphological changes.

PrimeSurface: No HepG2 cell adhesion was observed. The fully suspended cells formed natural cell aggregates by interaction.

PrimeSurface Dishes

PrimeSurface Dishes

PrimeSurface Plates

PrimeSurface Plates


  • Ideal for homogeneous cell spheroid formation: adhesion of cell to culture surface is controlled so that spheroid formation ratio is high and homogeneous culture is possible.
  • Most convenient usability: chemicals for differentiation induction can be added after EB body formation of ES cells.
  • No elutriation of chemicals from plate surface: stable culture surface due to chemical bonding of ultra-hydrophilic coating polymer ensures that diffusion of chemicals from plate surface into culture medium is prevented.
  • Ideal for differentiation and stimulation response studies due to the near in vivo environment by eliminating influence of the plate material on cells.


  • PrimeSurface prohibits cells from adhering to matrices based upon SUMILON's proprietary low-protein-adsorption technology. This enables easy formation of cell spheroid colonies.


Order# Product Growth Area Volume
MS-9035XZ PrimeSurface 35x14 mm dish 9 cm2 -
MS-9060XZ PrimeSurface 60x15 mm dish 12 cm2 -
MS-9090XZ PrimeSurface 90x20 mm dish 57 cm2 -
MS-9024XZ PrimeSurface plate 24 well, Flat 1.8 cm2 3.4ml/well
Order# Product Bottom Volume
MS-9384UZ PrimeSurface 384 well U plate U bottom 0.1 ml
MS-9384WZ PrimeSurface 384 well U White plate U bottom 0.1 ml
MS-9096UZ PrimeSurface 96 well U plate U bottom 0.3 ml
MS-9096WZ PrimeSurface 96 well U White plate U bottom 0.3 ml
MS-9096VZ PrimeSurface 96 well V plate V bottom 0.3 ml
MS-9096MZ PrimeSurface 96 well spindle bottom plate Spindle bottom 0.2 ml


  • PrimeSureface Cell Culture Products can be used for examining the induction of ES cells/IPS cells, nerve stem cell differentiation and drug design screening by three dimensional model of cells
  • White Plates: Luminescence detection following cell aggregate formation can be done on the same plate. There is no sample loss by transfer of cell aggregates.
MS-9096UZ MS-9096MZ MS-9096VZ
- Effective ES cell
  aggregate formation
- Microscopic observation
- hES cell aggregate
  formation within
  one day
- Reduced culture medium - Effective aggregate


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
MS-9035XZ PrimeSurface 35mm dish 50 117,00 PDF
MS-9060XZ PrimeSurface 60mm dish 100 520,00 PDF
MS-9090XZ PrimeSurface 90mm dish 50 487,50 PDF
MS-9024XZ PrimeSurface plate 24F 10 156,00 PDF
MS-9384UZ PrimeSurface 384U plate 20 650,00 PDF
MS-9384WZ PrimeSurface 384U White plate 20 812,50 PDF
MS-9096UZ PrimeSurface 96U plate 20 390,00 PDF
MS-9096WZ PrimeSurface 96U White plate 20 520,00 PDF
MS-9096VZ PrimeSurface 96V plate 20 650,00 PDF
MS-9096MZ PrimeSurface 96M plate 20 520,00 PDF
MS-90150Z STEMFULL 100 377,00 PDF
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