Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Revolutionize Your Cloning Experience!

VectorBuilder – A Free and Versatile Online Tool for Outsourcing Your Cloning Projects



  • Custom vector construction
  • Virus packaging
  • BAC modification


  • VectorBuilder is a versatile online platform for researchers to easily obtain customized DNA vectors and related reagents tailored to their research needs. You can follow a highly intuitive workflow on VectorBuilder to design your desired vector with just a few mouse clicks - for free. You can then order services related to your vector, such as custom cloning and virus packaging. The cost and turnaround time of these services are just a fraction of what it would cost if you had to do it yourself.
  • Besides cloning and virus packaging, VectorBuilder offers many other molecular biology services such as BAC modification (recombineering), library construction, DNA/RNA preparation, and mutagenesis.

How to Design a Vector on VectorBuilder?

  • You can get a custom vector designed in two ways. One is to design it yourself using VectorBuilder’s incredibly easy and intuitive online design tool. To do so, just click Design My Vector on VectorBuilder’s homepage, and follow the step-by-step workflow from there. You can design pretty much any vector you need (e.g., regular plasmid, lentivirus, adenovirus, overexpression, shRNA, gRNA, etc.) in a matter of minutes with just a few mouse clicks.
  • But if you are unable to design your desired vector on your own, you can also send us a design request by clicking Send Design Request on the homepage, and Cyagen will design the vector for you for free.

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How to Request a Quote or to Place an Order?

  • A unique vector ID is automatically assigned to any vector created on VectorBuilder. Just send us the vector ID via e-mail. We can use this ID to retrieve full information about the vector through the Retrieve Vector Information link on VectorBuilder’s homepage. According to this information we will generate a price quote and send you the corresponding order confirmation, respectively.
  • As an official distributor for Cyagen in Europe, MoBiTec will also import VectorBuilder related products and forward them to the end user. Thus you do not have to care about shipping, customs, etc.

  • For additional information about VectorBuilder, please contact our technical service (Phone: +49 551 707 22 70, E-mail:

  • For a price quotation or for placing an order, please contact our customer service (Phone: +49 551 707 22 0, E-mail: