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Enzymes from AG Scientific



  • AG Scientific, Inc. (San Diego, CA) is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified facility since 2005. They deliver quality-assured enzymes from small-scale to bulk orders.
  • For detailed information (description, specification, SDS, CofA, etc.) on each enzyme, please click on the corresponding PDF link in the order table.


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
L1163-1VialAG Beta lactamase 1 Vial 82,00 PDF
L2467-1KUAG Beta-Lactamase-Broad Spectrum 1 KU 314,00 PDF
N1185-AG PDF
H1192-1mgAG HRV 3C Protease,Cysteine Protease, PreScission Site 1 mg 349,00 PDF
H1192-10mgAG HRV 3C Protease,Cysteine Protease, PreScission Site 10 mg 2680,00 PDF
L1175-1KUAG Lactate Oxidase 1 KU 462,00 PDF
P1265-50mgAG Proteinase K 50 mg 82,00 PDF
P1265-100mgAG Proteinase K 100 mg 98,00 PDF
P1265-500mgAG Proteinase K 500 mg 357,00 PDF
P1265-1gAG Proteinase K 1 g 651,00 PDF
P1266-2mlAG PDF
P1266-5x2mlAG PDF
P1266-25mlAG Proteinase K 20mg/ml Solution 25 ml 493,00 PDF
P1600-1KUAG Pyruvate Oxidase 1 KU 268,00 PDF
R2000-100mgAG RNase A 100 mg 70,00 PDF
R2000-250mgAG RNase A 250 mg 133,00 PDF
R2000-500mgAG RNase A 500 mg 209,00 PDF
R2000-1gAG RNase A 1 g 349,00 PDF
R2000-10gAG RNase A 10 g 2446,00 PDF
  • All prices are in EURO excl. VAT and shipping. Only available in Germany and selected European countries.


  • AG Scientific Proteinase K Brochure (PDF)