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Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


Protein Purification

Protease and Phosphatase Inhibitors from AG Scientific

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Protein Purification


  • In order to characterize the structure, function, and interaction of proteins with their environment it is essential to isolate the proteins of interest. Protein purification is a process that involves steps associated with dissolution and isolation of proteins.

  • For safe extraction of proteins, AG Scientific carries products that form essential components of protein purification kits or used independently in research endeavors.

  • The protease inhibitor cocktails are a unique series of enzyme inhibitors that knock out specific proteases to avoid peptide bond hydrolysis and prevent protein destruction.

  • Remove unwanted phosphatases by adding phosphatase inhibitors which are also available in cocktail forms that selectively target particular contaminants.

  • A complete package! Along with protease and phosphatase inhibitors AG Scientific also specializes in buffers and detergents without which protein purification process is incomplete. For more information regarding Protease/Phosphatase/Turbocharged Inhibitor Cocktails and Biological Detergents see corresponding brochure in download area.


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Order# Description Amount Price Data Sheet
A1018-50mgAG AEBSF HCl 50 mg 60,00 PDF
A1420-25mgAG Aprotinin, bovine lung 25 mg 60,00 PDF
B1075-5mgAG Bestatin HCl 5 mg 79,00 PDF
E2030-5mgAG E-64 5 mg 67,00 PDF
E2044-5mgAG Elastatinal 5 mg 104,00 PDF
L1165-5mgAG Leupeptin, Hemisulfate 5 mg 58,00 PDF
M1157-1mgAG MG-132 1 mg 22,00 PDF
P1685-10mgAG P32/98, DPP IV Inhibitor 10 mg 164,00 PDF
P1519-5mgAG Pepstatin A, Inhibitor of aspartic proteases 5 mg 49,00 PDF
P1518-1VialAG Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail II, Solution 1 Vial 89,00 PDF
P1518-1VialAG Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail II, Solution 1 Vial 89,00 PDF
P2401-5gAG PMSF 5 g 141,00 PDF
P1514-1VialAG Protease Inhibitor Cocktail V, EDTA-Free 1 Vial 144,00 PDF
T1014-1mgAG Thapsigargin, ER stress inducer 1 mg 94,00 PDF
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  • AG Scientific Protein Purification & Biological Detergents Brochure (PDF)