Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology


SpeedBlot (His) Western Blot Stain

As Easy as Ponceau Red but as Specific as ECL Antibody!

Step 1

Start: Pour SpeedBlot (His) into suitable container

Step 2

1 min: Submerge membrane in SpeedBlot (His)

Step 3

10 min: Incubate until signal is clearly visible (30-90 min)

Step 4

60 min: Stained poly-his proteins on the membrane

Comparison of His-tag detection methods

Comparison of His-tag detection methods


  • Fastest Western ever; results in 30-90 min
  • Specific staining of His-tagged proteins
  • Sensitive to sub-picomol amounts of protein
  • Simple incubation, no buffer exchange, etc.
  • Economic, no readout equipment required
  • Visually detectable result
  • Quantitative and permanent signal
  • Works with C-/ N-terminal tags


  • SpeedBlot (His) is a ready-to-use reagent for the detection of poly-histidine tagged proteins in blot assays. This reagent is equally suitable for Western Blot assays and Dot or Slot Blot assays. The detection reagent is made of an optimized anti-histidine antibody gold nanoparticle conjugate and is reactive against C- and N-terminal tags. The protein of interest is specifically stained in pink directly on the blot. It contains the Qiagen Penta-His Antibody which is covered by patents exclusively licensed to Qiagen GmbH, Germany.

  • Instant detection of poly-histidine tagged proteins on nitrocellulose membrane with SpeedBlot (His) is easy and does not require relevant hands-on time. Even 0.1 pmol detection limits can be achieved with this highly sensitive detection reagent. This is in the range of conventional ECL detection.


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