Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

Innovative Tools for Molecular and Cell Biology

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Use the product search to find products and prices, including those of our partner companies distributed by us in Germany. If your search returns no results, please try again using a less specific search. For example for "Anti-Caspase-12 (NT) antibody", try searching for "casp" or "caspase".

Note: In our product database search you will find nearly all products available at MoBiTec. The database is being updated constantly, newly available products may be listed with a short delay. Thus, please check also the websites of our partner companies or contact us.

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Here you can browse our website to find detailed information about our products. If you search for a precise group of words (phrase), simply place your entry in quotation marks.
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Note: Not all available products are described on this web site yet. If you do not find detailed information about a product in the website search, please also try the Search above or contact us directly.