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Streptavidin, HiLyte™ Fluor 555 conjugated

Streptavidin, HiLyte™ Fluor 555 conjugated
Description: HiLyte™ Fluor555-streptavidin conjugate has been optimized in fluorophore/protein labeling ratio to ensure high fluorescent signal and uncompromised streptavidin function. The spectrum of HiLyte™ Fluor555 is only slightly red-shifted compared to those of Cy3™ dyes, resulting in an optimal match to filters designed for Cy3™ dyes. The fluorescence of HiLyte™ Fluor555 can be observed at excitation/emission wavelength of 554 nm /570 nm. HiLyte™ Fluor555 is more photostable than Cy3™, providing researchers with additional time for capturing image. HiLyte™ Fluor555 - protein conjugates can sustain treatments during immunofluorescent staining, fluorescence in situ hybridization, flow cytometry and other biological applications without hydrolysis.
Order #: AS-60666
Unit Size: 1 mg
Supplier: AnaSpec
Restrictions: Only available in Germany and selected European countries.
Shipping: Blue Ice
Storage: 2-3 months at 4 °C, up to 1 year at -20 °C
Subcategory: Streptavidin & Labeled Streptavidin
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