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D-Biotin-PEG3, SE

D-Biotin-PEG3, SE
Description: The amine-reactive biotin-PEG3, SE is a pegylated, water-soluble reagent for simple and efficient biotin labeling of antibodies, proteins and other primary amine-containing macromolecules for subsequent detection with streptavidin, avidin or NeutrAvidin® biotin-binding protein. This molecule has a PEG3 spacer to improve water soluibility and facilitate reactivity with the molecule and eventual accessibility of the biotin to avidin or streptavidin.
Order #: B006-ABP
Unit Size: 25 mg
Supplier: ABP Biosciences
Shipping: RT
Storage: -20°C
Subcategory: Biotin Labeling Reagent
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