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Beta Nonyl Glucoside (ß-NG) Assay Kit

Beta Nonyl Glucoside (ß-NG) Assay Kit
Description: Detergent and Lipids ׀ The Beta Nonyl Glucoside (ß-NG) Assay Kit is for measurement of detergent ß-NG at concentrations lower or higher than its CMC value. The assay is based on the principle that ß-NG interacts with the dye and enhances the fluorescence at 610 nm (Excitation 550 nm). The log values of the fluorescence intensity show a linear relationship with the concentrations of ß-NG. The assay is compatible with most buffers and salts. It is not compatible proteins and other detergents. This product includes 0.2 ml of 10 x Dye for NG and 10 ml of dilution buffer. It is for measurement of 100 samples using 96-well plates.
Order #: NG100K-PF
Unit Size: 100 assays
Supplier: ProFoldin
Shipping: Blue Ice (-20°C)
Storage: See Manual
Subcategory: Concentration Measurement
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