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PwrPOP™-7 for 3730 series

PwrPOP™-7 for 3730 series
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Description: PwrPOP™ polymers are high-performance capillary electrophoresis separation matrices compatible with all ABI Genetic Analyzers. PwrPOP-4, PwrPOP-6, and PwrPOP-7 polymers are alternatives to POP™ -4, POP™ -6, and POP™ -7 polymers, respectively, optimized for both sequencing and fragment analysis. They work optimally with sequencing reaction samples using SupreDye™ and BigDye® chemistries. Additional details: • Even peak separation for long, high resolution reads • Fully compatible with all Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzers • Direct Substitute! • No change necessary in protocol, settings, or calibrations.
Order #: 037028-EDG
Unit Size: 28 mL
Supplier: EdgeBio
Restrictions: Only available in selected countries.
Subcategory: Sanger Sequencing
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