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Andy Fluor™ 647 Annexin V

Andy Fluor™ 647 Annexin V
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Description: Andy Fluor™ 647 Annexin V is Annexin V conjugated with our red fluorescent dye Andy Fluor™ 647. Annexin V is a calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding proteins, which bind to phosphatidylserine (PS) to identify apoptotic cells. In normal viable cells, PS is located on the cytoplasmic surface of the cell membrane. In apoptotic cells, however, PS is translocated from the inner to the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane, making itself available for Annexin V binding. Andy Fluor™ 647 is a superior alternative to Cy5 owing to its exceptional brightness and photostability. Andy Fluor™ 647 has brightness and photostability comparable to Alexa Fluor® 647.
Order #: A038-ABP
Unit Size: 25 μg
Supplier: ABP Biosciences
Shipping: Ice Pack
Storage: 2~8°C
Subcategory: Apoptosis
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