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CellCycle™ PI/RNAse Stain Solution

CellCycle™ PI/RNAse Stain Solution
Description: Measurement of DNA content allows the study of cell populations in various phases of the cell cycle as well as the analysis of DNA ploidy. In a given population, cells are distributed among three major phases of cell cycle: G0/G1 phase (one st of paired chromosomes per cell), S phase (DNA synthesis with variable amount of DNA), and G2/M phase (two sets of paired chromosomes per cell, prior to cell division). DNA content can be measured using fluorescent, DNA-selective stains that exhibit emission signals proportional to DNA mass. Flow cytometric analysis of these stained populations is then used to produce a frequency histogram that reveals the various cell cycle phases. Univariate DNA content analysis is an established assay method and is widely used for studies in oncology, cell biology, and molecular biology. The CellCycle™ PI/RNAse staining solution is a specially formulated ready-to-use reagent. Just adding it to fixed cells, incubate, and acquire on a flow cytometer without washing.
Order #: A056-ABP
Unit Size: 100 assays
Supplier: ABP Biosciences
Shipping: RT
Storage: 2~8°C
Subcategory: Cell Cycle
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